Gameboy game builder improvements

I spent some more time with my Gameboy game builder (AKA classicgb) recently, and the results are surprisingly good. I spent some time adding scroll animations, as well as tweaking the collision physics a bit. There have also been a lot of more minor changes in the builder. The end result is that created games feel much more solid!

There is still plenty to do; the editor still isn’t all that user-friendly, and the map editor is sorely missing some convenience features, to name a few. I’ll likely continue experimenting with this in the near future.

Want to make a gameboy game? Head on over to the Gameboy game builder!


Make a Gameboy Game without writing any code!

If you grew up with the Gameboy, you might have wanted to make games for it when you were a kid. Thanks to the power of the modern internet, this is now something you can really do!

ClassicGB is a simple game maker that allows you to use your own assets (or some readily available under Creative Commons) to design a simple top-down adventure game.

The games built will be very simple in nature, however full source code of games is available, so you can expand these yourself. This could be a great starting point for a personal project, or a Game Jam entry. (Make sure the rules of the jam allow for source code generators, though!)

Best of all, it’s free and always will be!

If this sounds interesting at all to you, head over to to give it a try!

Please report any bugs to me via email or Twitter.