Missing Lands (LD 38)

Coded for the NES, with rom available. Tested and works on the real console with a PowerPak!

Note that a post-contest version is available with some small enhancements. By default this loads the contest version (until the end of voting, anyway) but the newer updated version is available too.

To play this game, please, download the latest Flash player!

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Version Try it Download (Try it using fceux!)
Latest (Post Contest) Load in browser Download rom
Ludum Dare Load in browser Download rom


You are a tiny frog trapped in a tiny world!

You remember a time where your world was vast. The pieces of that world are scattered around you.

Can you restore this world to its former glory?


  • Control Pad: Move (Arrow Keys)
  • B: Run (X key on keyboard)
  • Start: Pause (Enter on keyboard)

Note on the web version

The game is available on the web if you use flash, however I’d ask you to please download the rom and an emulator such as fceux instead. The flash-based emulator lags a bit, and the sound is delayed. This is fixed by getting a proper emulator.

Alternatively, the roms are available above.

Source Code