Waddles the Duck

Waddles the Duck is a NES game created for the NESDev 2016 coding competition. It was completed on 1/31/17, and placed 4th to last.

I don’t recommend playing it unless you have nothing better to do with your life. Instead, please download and play the game this was based on, Eversion.

The basic story is, you are a duck taken out of his own timeline, trying to find his way home.

Note: The colors on the emulator are somewhat off, especially for the “ice” dimension – this is an issue with the version of the NesBox emulator I’m using. If this bugs you, please download the ROM and use emulator such as FCEUX.

To play this game, please, download the latest Flash player!

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Download the ROM

Source Code


  • Control Pad (arrow keys) – Move.
  • B Button (Z) – Run
  • A Button (X) – Jump
  • Start (Enter) – Pause menu
  • Select (Spacebar) – Teleport

Cartridge Details:

  • Mapper/etc: UNROM (vertical mirroring)
  • 64k PRG
  • 8k CHR RAM