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Webdesign is currently one of my greatest strengths as a developer. I have coded numerous things over the years, some of which are available below. I also current do web development as a software engineer. I love working with PHP/Javascript (jQuery) and other related technologies. Lately I’ve also become very familiar with AngularJS., as well as nodejs.

One of my current web projects is a Gameboy game builder that works off of nodejs, angularjs, as well as gbdk. It lets you design and build an entire game for the Gameboy in your browser. That’s in another category. Check it out here.

One of my larger personal projects was Project Pages. It was a free webhosting solution I wrote up over the span of a few years. It was built to be easily used by people unfamiliar with webdesign back when there wasn’t that much out there. It looks rather archaic by today’s standards, but did see regular use from somewhere around 50 people for a good time. At this point, there are much better tools for it, and the project is winding down. I no longer accept new registrations, and am keeping a few accounts alive on an as-needed basis.

There are a few other miscellaneous projects in this area too, including a music site which allowed me to experiment with AJAX and the last.fm API.

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