This is a website showcasing some of my programming (and webdesign) feats over the past few years.


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering track) from Daniel Webster College. I am currently working full time at Meltwater as a software engineer.


If you wish to contact me, you can send an email to admin@cpprograms.net. If you prefer to use twitter, my twitter is @cppchriscpp.

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  1. Darr says:

    Hello there, I saw your comment on facepunch forum goo.gl/w22hCe, about gmod aux power, I think that this is awesome and I wanna ask could you share lua code, if you can of course?
    Also sorry for my English.

    • cppchriscpp says:


      Sorry it took a few days to reply. The adult world is sadly a very busy place.

      At any rate, I haven’t worked on Garry’s mod in 5-6 years – that forum post was last updated in 2010! Sadly the thing I was building never got released. It was based off of the Fretta gamemode, which I don’t believe is even supported anymore.

      That said, I’ll help as best I can. I dug up the code I was referencing and threw it on pastebin: http://pastebin.com/R9Spya0s. I probably couldn’t unravel it, and it probably won’t work as-is, but hopefully it will help you in the right direction. I’ve also updated the forum post to link to the source, on the off-chance it helps someone else some day.

      Hope this helps!

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