Squishy the Turtle on display at MAGFest!

Squishy the Turtle is on display in the Indie Arcade at MAGFest this year! Thanks to the wonderful people at Babycastles, it is being showcased on a Super Gameboy, in a cozy turtle tent! If you’re here, check it out!

Of course, this warranted giving the game a little extra love – I released a special MAGFest edition featuring a high score table for fastest completion times! It also features some minor graphical/movement fixes, as well as some level tweaks to be more fair. The new version is not available on the site yet! I plan to do that after the dust settles post-MAGFest.

Anyway, that’s it; I hope some folks get to play it and enjoy it!

2 Responses to Squishy the Turtle on display at MAGFest!

  1. Karl Hohn says:

    Hey, I made the turtle tent! I’m updating my website right now to include documentation of the stuff I made for MAGFest, and I love this picture. Is there any chance you have a higher-res version that you’d be willing to send me?


    • cppchriscpp says:

      Seeing this setup made me break out in a huge smile; thank you so much!

      I’ll absolutely share a larger version! Click here for it.

      I’m not sure if emailing from my wordpress is set up right so I’ll follow up with an email, just in case.

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